Publish a Book Like a Boss: The Fast Guide to Selling on Amazon

Want to become a published author within a day?

Assuming your content is written, it’s quite easy to become published if you have the templates and the ins-and-outs of what to do and what not to do. I have published the Like a Boss series to date and can teach you how to quickly start up and have your works selling on Amazon in no time.

Included with the book are all the extras such as template sizes for books in two formats (MS Word and Pages for Mac), formatting notes/tricks to save you hours of headache and stress (if you start the foundation out correctly, you won’t have to do so much rework), and all the technical and helpful shortcuts to not stress over the little things.


  • On Amazon for $9.99 USD in e-book format (also available in print format but for a higher price due to printing costs)
  • Directly on this site where the book will be emailed to you in these 2 versions: PDF & ePub … as the file is rather massive I have to do it manually. So please be patient!

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How to in Pages (Mac) or MS Word (Microsoft)

  • Set up the proper trim sizes
  • Format the books properly
  • Set up Table of Contents
  • Create book covers
  • Author bios and profiles
  • Setting up Amazon
  • Publishing an ebook
  • Publishing a printed book
  • ISBN Numbers
  • Book conversions
  • Tips, Tricks Resources (Free)
  • What works the best for a simple, clean publishing process