Managing Money Like a Boss: The Money Management Picture Book

Ever find Personal Finance and Money Management Boring?

My newest book for anyone who is interested in their money called “Managing Money Like a Boss: The Money Management Picture Book” is the visual book on money I wish I had a decade ago.

Personal Finance seemed so difficult and boring at the time, but it really isn’t – you just haven’t had it explained it to you in a simple and easy to understand manner, and this book does exactly that.

This is the money book I wish I had a decade ago. A lot of personal finance is quite dry, and frankly, boring. This book is anything but boring, and is easy to read and understand for beginners of all ages with visuals, screenshots and all the basic money management you should need to ever know or care about to get you started.


  • On Amazon for $9.99 USD in e-book format (also available in print format but for a higher price due to printing costs)
  • Directly on this site where the book will be emailed to you in these 2 versions: PDF & ePub … as the file is rather massive I have to do it manually. So please be patient!

BUY IT NOW – $6.99 USD




180+ Pages

Talking about Wealth, Saving, Spending, Investing and even how to manage your Career to get that head start and to make more money because you can only cut and budget so far.

What is being rich?
Who is rich and how did they get there?

How to budget, and three methods on how to budget easily
Debt or savings?
Why saving money is freedom and not a prison sentence

Why and how to give yourself a break
Difference between being broke, rich, and being poor
Why we spend and tips on how to combat impulsive shopping and spending
Where spending brings you the most happiness
How to figure out your ideal life

How to get started in investing and how much you need
Investing basics and terms
How to analyze a stock
Is real estate a surefire investment?
How can an older person start late and still retire?

How to negotiate, step-by-step scripts
Starting a business – should you incorporate?


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