Instagram Level Up Like a Boss – The DIY Guide to Secret Tips & Tricks

Want to know the quick shortcuts to getting more followers without any slimy gimmicks or tricks?

My latest book on how to Instagram Level Up Like a Boss teaches you how to avoid all the frustrating and time-consuming mistakes of starting up on Instagram and building a strong following.

You don’t need to buy followers, hire a team, pay a lot of money, do giveaways, post a million times a day, or use slimy tricks to grow your Instagram following.

You can absolutely do it organically, and without spending too much money.

The book covers all the tricks you can use to level up from basic posts and Stories, and which tools and resources (free and low-cost) ones I used (and still use!), including step-by-step screenshots and methods, plus decoding how Instagram works.

I had posted over FIVE THOUSAND POSTS before I hit on this formula of what actually works to get Followers. Five thousand is an insane amount of posts, but that’s what it took to make all the mistakes to finally find what worked.

The proof is in my growth, isn’t it?

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If you look at where I ended October 29 2019 with 1659 followers, I implemented various strategies (all outlined in the book) and more than doubled my following a month later ending with 3594 followers on November 30th 2019.

Please note: March 2020 was a difficult time for all accounts, and you can see my follower increase drop from around 1500 a month to 400. It was not an easy time, but I persevered, and it paid off to reach that holy grail of 10,000 followers for that elusive Swipe Up capability.


  • 10,117 followers (May 3 2020)
  • 12,529 followers (May 26 2020) = Increase of +2412 in 23 days
  • 15,348 followers (June 29 2020) = Increase of +2819 in 34 days
  • 17,842 followers (July 31 2020) = Increase of +2494 in 32 days


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150+ Pages


  • Create and setup your accounts
  • Craft your profile, bio and grid
  • Main Message of IG Branding


  • How to post to maximize real estate
  • How to come up with ideas
  • Create different Image Carousels
  • Put yourself in the forefront
  • Tagging people
  • Hashtags


  • Comment Strategy
  • Story Strategy


  • IG Bio Link
  • Full list of Tools to use (Scheduling, Social Media, Photos)


  • IG Tips and Tricks
  • Analytics and decoding Insights