Start a Blog Like a Boss: How to Make Money

Want to make an extra $1000 USD a month?

My book “Start a Blog Like a Boss: How to Make Money” tells you exactly how I ramped up my blog in a few years and now make enough to cover a few of my basic expenses, while diversifying the different blog income streams. I have exact visual guides, screenshots and step-by-step tutorials on where to begin from scratch.

I recently got “Start a blog like a boss” currently around 60% done. So far so good. Very detailed info, everyone who is just starting their blog or thinking about having one would find lots of useful tips and tricks. I’m writing stuff down that I would implement on my own blog.

Keep up the good work I love that you shared even a technical info about setting up the blog itself. That’s so, so precious and important to everyone who is just starting. Most people want to have a blog but have no idea how to set up the technical detail which will give them the opportunity to start posting. You are doing it and it’s so well! –

This book will give you the rundown on what blogging is really about, how to get started, and how to make it a viable side business once the foundation is in – all my shortcuts are in here. I don’t hide anything on starting it up – you’ll be set with an awesome foundation and then it’s up to you to pull in the rest of the viewers.


  • On Amazon for $9.99 USD in e-book format (also available in print format but for a higher price due to printing costs)
  • Directly on this site for $8.99 USD where the book will be emailed to you in these 2 versions: PDF & ePub … as the file is rather massive I have to do it manually. So please be patient!

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300+ Pages



  • Brand Statement
  • Blog & Self Biography
  • Audience
  • Anonymous
  • Blog Name
  • Pseudonym & Username


  • Choosing a Webhost
  • Multiple Sites
  • Anonymize
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Setting up WordPress Self-Hosted
  • Basic WordPress Components
  • Basic WordPress Setup
  • Basic WordPress Navigation


  • Blog Theme Options
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Choosing Colours
  • WordPress Plugins & Code
  • Must-have Blog Components
  • Must-Avoid Blog Components
  • List of WordPress Plugins
  • How to backup your site


  • Important Metrics & Terms
  • Site Rankings & Metrics
  • Where to place your ads
  • Different Ad Networks
  • How much can you make?
  • What can you get for free?
  • Growing Readership
  • Blogging as a business


Rave reviews…

Thank you having the option for a physical copy! I have yet to break the habit of needing to hold the book and highlight to learn. I started with Start a Blog Like a Boss and I can’t wait to finish it and apply the content!

Love this & everything else from one of my absolute favourite bloggers @saverspender! Your “Start A Blog Like a Boss” Book inspired me to take the leap into this arena as well. So grateful.Rachel @ Reality Cheque Blog


Janelle writes:

“As someone who has been blogging for a number of years I know I have made every mistake imaginable. If only Start A Blog Like A Boss: How To Make Money had been around when I started blogging, I would have saved myself a whole lot of time, money and grief.

Sherry has the perfect advice for new bloggers – but she also provides great tips for experienced bloggers who are looking to start monetising their blogs. And it’s all delivered in a format that is easy to read and follow! Thank you Sherry for creating a fabulous resource.”

Paulin writes:

“This is an amazing resource for newbies. I like the fact that you added a tutorial on how to actually set up the blog itself; this is an important tech-related step that most “how to” guide forget to include. Very detailed and I like it. Also great expert advice regarding picking a permalink structure.”

Kandice writes:

Getting your hands on a copy of Sherry’s book, Start A Blog Like A Boss: How To Make Money, is like gripping a winning ticket for a lottery you didn’t have to actually play.

Whether you are completely new to blogging, you once had a blog that you subsequently abandoned, or you have a blog, but want to take it to the next level, this book is for you.

Easily worth three, four or even five times the sales price, this book is a game changer.

The advice contained within its pages is comprehensive and invaluable.

Conservatively, I’d estimate that a novice blogger could easily save 100 hours of time they’d otherwise spend researching the answers to the questions Sherry addresses in the pages of what I affectionately call the Blogger’s Treatise.

Not only is the information comprehensive and thoughtfully organized, but Sherry included step-by-step instructions with screenshots throughout!

I recommend everyone get both a PDF copy of the eBook AND a hard copy, so you can take notes in the margins and flag the pages you will inevitably consult again and again. This book is genius and I’ve placed it within arm’s reach of my laptop. Do yourself a solid and buy it now. You’ll thank yourself.

@a_diva_and_her_budget writes:

“I am halfway through your book and I must admit…I knew absolutely nothing about blogging except the writing part. Hahahaha.. I’m so glad I’m reading this. There is so much to learn. Thanks”

@karissalives writes:

“This book is an incredible resource and is giving me tremendous assistance in getting my blog up and running. (You can use that quote ;))



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