Stay Anonymous Online Like a Boss: How to stay invisible yet approachable

So you want to blog or be on social media, but not reveal yourself?

I have been hiding myself online for 10 years now. It hasn’t been easy, I made a few slip-ups for sure, and it can be difficult to stay anonymous when you have to handle payments from advertisers, etc.

There are clearly a few people who already know who I am IRL (In real life), but I have chosen to reveal myself to them for various reasons, and if I ever feel like it is too much, I say no. Staying under the radar can be difficult, but not impossible. You will have to compromise in a few areas, but I am here to share what worked and what didn’t.

Included are resources, tips, tricks and how you have to set up your online identity so that you don’t mix your personal with your online persona, as well as personal real-life anecdotes of what happened when I made those mistakes, and what I learned from them so you too, can avoid making the same errors!


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