Ever find Personal Finance and Money Management Boring?

My newest book for anyone who is interested in their money called “Managing Money Like a Boss: The Money Management Picture Book” is the visual book on money I wish I had a decade ago.

Personal Finance seemed so difficult and boring at the time, but it really isn’t – you just haven’t had it explained it to you in a simple and easy to understand manner, and this book does exactly that.

Does making your money work for you by spending less than 4 hours a year sound good?


My investing book for U.S. & Canadian investors called “Investing Like a Boss: Very Little Work for a Big Reward” outlines my lazy investing strategy and shows you in detail exactly what you should buy, when you should buy it, where to buy it (and how to sign up!), along with how to do it with detailed step-by-step screenshots & over 200 pages of investing information that is easy to understand.

Want to make an extra $1000 USD a month?


My book “Start a Blog Like a Boss: How to Make Moneytells you exactly how I ramped up my blog in a few years and now make enough to cover a few of my basic expenses, while diversifying the different blog income streams.

I have exact visual guides, screenshots and step-by-step tutorials on where to begin from scratch.